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'Cene Magazine: Wine Pairing Tips

Natalia Suta has offered some wine pairing tips in 'Cene Magazine, featuring some delicious Corner House dishes.

Wine Pairing Tips in 'Cene Magazine

“I’m not a great fan of a perfectly-cooked pork belly,” said no one ever. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, that’s what I call poetry, and I’m a vegetarian! This confit pork belly is a true Corner House favourite and it will pair beautifully with a glass (or two!) of juicy Pinot Noir. The higher acidity will cut through the fat, cleansing your palate between one bite and another, while the saltiness of the dish will bring out the fruitiness and juiciness of the wine. A WineGB Awards 2023 Bronze medallist, Luke’s Pinot Noir 2022 from Balfour Winery, Kent, sounds like an obvious choice to pair with this pork belly that is worthy of a medal!

To read the full article, please head over to 'Cene Magazine's website here!

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