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Homemade Honeycomb

Honeycomb is almost as much fun to make as it is to eat. It’s always enjoyable to watch it expand, as you add bicarbonate of soda to the mix and then crack with a sharp snap when you break it up later on. You can use it with a variety of dishes. Just make sure you store it in an airtight container. It’s a great little party piece.

Serves: enough for a base mix of ice cream


100g golden syrup
200g caster sugar
3 tsps of bicarbonate of soda

Homemade Honeycomb | Corner House Restaurants
  1. Put the sugar and golden syrup into a deep large pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Turn up the heat and boil rapidly, giving a gentle stir.
  2. Keep boiling until the mixture goes a good golden honeycomb colour (should take 2-3 minutes).
  3. Add the bicarbonate of soda, stir for a few seconds, then immediately tip the honeycomb into the lined baking tray.

Top Tip: It’s particularly delicious served in ice cream: we put it in kilner jars so that people can tuck in and scoop it all up.

Please note your honeycomb will triple in size after adding the bicarbonate of soda, so use a large pan and be careful as sugar burns are not fun. Store in the freezer to avoid the honeycomb going chewy.

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