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Custard Tart, Rhubarb and Nutmeg

The classics are always welcome here at The Corner House and we’re particularly proud of our version of this beautiful custard tart. Cook it so that it has just the right wobble; it ought to be just set. And make sure you use fresh, grated nutmeg if you can – the difference in flavour is stunning. Rhubarb is heavenly, and has beautiful colour and flavour. It’s a sure sign that spring is on its way.

Dish Difficulty: Medium
Serves: 12


For the tart:

1 tart case (see basics recipe)
12 medium eggs
250g caster sugar
1l double cream
2 vanilla pods
1 nutmeg

For the rhubarb:

375g rhubarb
125g caster sugar
60ml red wine
60ml water

Custard Tart, Rhubarb and Nutmeg | Corner House Restaurants

For the tart:

  1. Follow instructions in the basics recipes section to cook a sweet pastry tart case.
  2. Warm up and infuse the cream with the vanilla.
  3. Whisk the eggs and sugar, then gradually add cream and whisk.
  4. Pass through a sieve to infuse with the vanilla seeds. Remove pods, then pour into a tart case and bake on 110°C for 25 minutes. Check every 2 minutes after that, doing the wobble check.

For the rhubarb:

  1. Firstly, prepare half of the rhubarb by cutting into 2-3cm pieces. Bring the sugar, water and wine to a simmer ensuring the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Poach the rhubarb gently until tender, remove from the liquid.
  3. Add the other half of the rhubarb and simmer for approximately 15 minutes. Purée in the blender and pass through a sieve.
  4. Mix the 2 together.
  5. Serve next to the tart.

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