The Corner House Cookbook
by Matt Sworder

The Corner House Cookbook

The Corner House is a labour of love. When Matt Sworder set out to open it in 2013 the aim was to deliver beautiful dishes using the very best of local produce, with this in mind he created a menu focussed on simple British food done well.

This book gives you an insight into the techniques and recipes behind The Corner House classics as well as some new and exciting additions you can use to bring a taste of The Corner House home with you.

From great bar snacks to decadent desserts you can try your hand at some of our guests favourite dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

“I was 28 when I opened The Corner House Minster in 2013 and all I wanted to do was show ‘big love’: Big love of simple dishes done well, big love of local produce, big love of making guests and staff feel valued – and survive the first year of business.
“So, when we opened The Corner House, we were clear about what we wanted to do: to put The Corner House at the heart of the community in Minster, by showcasing the best of Kentish produce, cooked by people with skill and passion, producing simple dishes with great flavours, served by people determined to deliver a great guest experience.
“I hope the passion of our mission, delivering British food done really well, translates into recipes you can use at home, without breaking the bank, or spending hours trudging round the shops looking for the latest exotic ingredient that has travelled further than you went on your holidays!
“Fast forward six years and we have a second restaurant in our group, The Corner House at Canterbury, and have now published our debut book. It’s been quite a ride!”

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